Frequently Asked Questions

When and How do I pay for this service ?


Simply follow the following steps:

(a) Click the Order / Contact item in the Menu on the Home Page.

(b) Describe what advice you want by completing the Request Form that appears on your screen.

(c) Email the Request Form to us.

(c) We will send a reply email to you with further details.

(d) You forward payment to us via secure Pay Pal or credit card, if you wish to go ahead with work.

(e) If you would like to speak to us by telephone or Skype, please indicate this on your Request Form and we can arrange to do so.

When will I receive my reply with my design advice ?

Normally an initial response will be forwarded to you within two or three working days, depending on the amount of detail that is needed. After that, we will consult with you to prepare a more detailed plan of action.

How do I know my payment is secure ?

When you pay on-line, you can choose to make your payments via the Pay Pal system, or by credit card. Pay Pal is a secure way to make payments on the internet. It has been operating since 1998 and is well regarded internationally as a reliable, secure way to make internet payments. There are currently over 153 million Pay Pal accounts world wide. You do not disclose your credit card or financial details to a merchant when using Pay Pal. Joining Pay Pal is easy. Refer to

Can I see an example of your work ?

Yes. One exaple is available by going to the Home Page. At the top of the page, read through the dot points under the heading of Reasons to Use My Garden Design Advice.  When you come to the underlined words  Specification Sheet, click on these for further details.

Don't know what you want ?

Don't worry. Just click on the Order/ Contact item in the Home Page menu. A Request Form will appear on your computer screen. Tell about your garden design problem on this form and send it to us. We will get back to you.

I'm busy. Do I have to take time off to communicate with you at a particular time ?

No. We can arrange site inspections, Skype discussions and the like at mutually convenient times.

Can I claim a custom-designed garden as my own?

Like anything else you purchase, once your design solution has been paid for, written and emailed to you, it is yours.

How much does a Custom-Made garden solution Cost?

The cost of advice starts at $50. A drop down menu for other price options is included on the Request Form you send to us. Please note on this form if you have a preferred price range. Otherwise, we can advise you in more detail once we are familar with your requirements.


1. Once design advice has been forwarded to a customer, we do not refund payment. .

2. If for any unforeseen reason you do not receive your advice forwarded by electronic means, please advise us of the problem. If you are using our website Request Form, please check that your correct, current email address is included on it.

3. Appointment Etiquette
You will always be assured of our utmost care and attention, but to allow us to offer the best service to you, we ask that you are on time for your appointment and we will endeavour to do the same. Because we reserve your appointment time especially for you, 24 hours notice of cancellation is required to avoid cancellation fees.





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