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See Brisbane's beautiful gardens in comfort, with an expert guide and commentary. Let us take you around Brisbane to admire the gardens in all their glory. Walk around the gardens, photograph them, or just admire them from a modern, air-conditioned vehicle. If you have time for only a quick tour, (say with limited time between airline flights), let us know and make the appropriate transport booking.

guided garden tour of colourful subtropical gardens in Brisbane

Tours can be tailored to your special interests, or pick and choose what you would like to experience from the following packages:

  • Roses, flower gardens & heritage

  • Subtropical Gardens

  • Playgrounds in garden settings

  • Waterside/ Waterfeature Gardens

  • Lookouts and panoramic views

  • Asian style gardens

  • Native plant/ sustainability gardens

  • Brisbane's Beautiful Boulevards
  • Rural and winery properties

  • Your special interests

  • Summer Special: out and about in  the cool of early morning or late afternoon. Use our Contact Form  to request these times.

A Brisbane Garden Tours ticket includes:

  1. Tour guide with informative commentary and itinerary tailored to the interests of tour participants.

  2. Modern air-conditioned taxi/ maxi taxi/ hire vehicle booking for pick-ups and return of customers to their nominated points. (Refer further details under ticket pricing below).

  3. Optional stops for meals, morning or afternoon teas, toilets, playgrounds, disabled access and the like. We can include these in your tour, if you wish.

  4. Optional ferry cruise

  5. Brisbane Garden Tours do not accept any commissions from restaurant, retail or taxi companies that guests may encounter, or make purchases from during the tour. Note: Taxi companies in Brisbane accept major credit cards.

PRICE EXCLUDES: purchases by guests during the tour, such as food, drink, personal items & taxi fares.


Prices are in Australian dollars and include GST. Prices are valid to 31 March 2013.

Minimum tour duration = one hour. Price per hour for Brisbane Garden Tours Guide = $80.This tour guide fee remains the same, regardless of how many people are on the tour, up to the maximum number of people who can be seated in your chosen form of transport, (taxi, maxi taxi or mini-bus).

Contact Us to indicate your preferred form of transport and we can forward a quote to you for pre-paid, or hourly rate transport, based on normal commercial rates for the number of people you book for.

guided garden tour of colourful subtropical gardens in Brisbane

Note: From one to three customers may travel in a normal taxi with this tour guide rate of $80 per hour. Up to nine customers may travel in a maxi taxi. If you are booking for more than three tour participants, please ensure you advise us of this at the time of your booking, so that we may book the appropriate maxi taxi  or mini-bus.

In addition to the tour guide fee of $80 per hour, transport for the tour is paid either:

(1) By the customer direct to the taxi / maxi taxi or limousine driver, at the normal hourly rate cab charge applicable at the time of the tour. This is generally the most economical and flexible  form of transport for short, small group tours that are tailored to your particular garden interests, or

(2) By pre-paid, fixed transport fees. This is typically for day or half tours, at normal commercial rates. A minimum of four people is generally appropriate for this form of transport, which typically varies in price from $320 - $1,100, depending on duration of tour, number of people and type of vehicle. Contact Us for details applicable to your preferred type of tour.

Do you like early morning garden tours, or wish to have a more flexible departure time ? Please Contact Us by email, or ring Anne on 0427 120 729 with your requests.


No smoking in vehicles during the tour. Brisbane Garden Tours reserve the right to cancel tours, amend details, alter routes, vary itineraries, venues and days of operation due to unforeseen circumstances.
If you will be bringing a translator with you on your tour, please advise of this (and your nationality/ spoken language), prior to making your booking. Customers may bring a translator with them for the tour and the translator must be booked as a normal paying customer on the tour.

Whilst Brisbane Garden Tours make every effort to safeguard its customers and their belongings, Brisbane Garden Tours cannot be held responsible or liable for delay, personal injury, death, damage, loss of property, additional expenses or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by events that are beyond the control of Brisbane Garden Tours.

Cancellations made within 7 days of booking arrival date incur a 100% cancellation fee. Cancellations made with more than 7 days notice incur a 50% cancellation fee. No refunds for bad weather.

When making your booking, please provide a contact phone and/ or email address where we will be able to contact you on the day of your tour and on the day prior to the date of your tour booking. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of your tour and a booking/cancellation fee may apply.

We encourage our customers to purchase travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances.

  • Do you want to stop for meals, morning or afternoon teas, toilets, playgrounds, disabled access and the like. We can include these in your tour, if you wish.

Contact Us via this website for more details, or Book Now for your tour. 


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